Celebrating Winnifred Mary Stewart on International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange

Winnifred Stewart 1979.jpg

Happy International Women’s Day!    

On a day like today, we celebrate our beloved Winnifred Mary Stewart

Motivated by a desire to help her son Parker Stewart, who was born with down syndrome, she devoted 20 years to experimental research work into new teaching techniques. Through her approach, her son Parker Stewart achieved a level of development that was previously considered impossible. Dr. Stewart became convinced that schools for children with disabilities were both practical and essential.

In 1954, she was the first woman to address the Alberta Legislature from the floor of the House. This resulted in the first recognition by a government in Canada to provide financial aid to schools for children with disabilities. At its peak, the school served over 450 students, until 1982 when children with disabilities were integrated into the regular school system.

For thousands of families she helped turn despair, frustration and social stigma into hope, understanding and community acceptance.

Today, Winnifred Stewart Association (WSA) carries on the legacy started by Winnifred, and the spirit of its remarkable namesake continues to live on through the organization

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