Speak Out!

As members of Speak Out!, Winnifred Stewart Association's self-advocacy group, we speak up for our rights and responsibilities and advocate for others with disabilities who strive to be part of their communities. In our quest for self-determination, we work hard to get involved, learn skills, such as public speaking and leadership, plan and participate in events, and share experiences to stay connected.

Winnifred Stewart is a member of Speak Out!

According to the Speak Out! members, Self-Advocacy is:

  • Getting involved in matters that are important to you
  • Being proud of who you are and what you do
  • Sharing your experience with others
  • Opening people's minds to what self-advocacy means
  • Being a leader who works to change the way things are
  • Understanding and getting involved in political issues that affect you
  • Working hard to make a difference in your community
  • Speaking out for other people who have disabilities

Contact us at 780-453-6707 to learn more or to get involved, or visit our Facebook page.