Since its establishment in 1953, WSA has evolved, grown, and empowered countless individuals with disabilities to discover their goals and dreams. Through exploration, experience, and sharing stories, Winnifred Stewart Association helps to facilitate meaningful relationships in order to build natural supports in an individual's chosen community. We support individuals with disabilities to realize their goals, and desires, and help to make the resources available and accessible for them to lead fulfilling lives.

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Winnifred Stewart supports individuals with developmental disabilities

Vision and Mission


To support individuals with developmental disabilities to meet their potential and have full lives in an inclusive, supportive community.


WSA supports and responds to the goals of the individual, their families and friends by providing services that honour choice, community inclusiveness and quality of life for the individual.

Strategic Directions

  1. Continue to build a culture of service excellence.

  2. Strengthen the linkages and networks to the community that support the individual to achieve their personal goals.

  3. Implement an individualized service delivery approach to respond to the needs of the individual with a focus on inclusive supportive communities.

  4. Demonstrate stewardship through service delivery that is effective, efficient and accountable.

  5. Develop and strengthen partnerships with others - service agencies, all levels of government, the business community and other community groups.

  6. Implement program approaches and appropriate housing to provide quality care for individuals.

Winnifred Stewart Association's Strategic Plan is ongoing, please visit this site again in the future to see updates as they are available.