Winnifred Stewart Association Services


When an individual comes to Winnifred Stewart Association, he may be searching for a way to fulfill a dream to live on his own, but may not know where to begin looking. She may wish to obtain employment or contribute to her community through volunteering or joining a community league, but is not sure who to contact. He might not own a dog, but wants to add walking one to his list of daily activities. Other individuals may not yet have identified or realized their dreams.

Through conversation with individuals, their family members and friends, and WSA staff, individuals at Winnifred Stewart Association are empowered to discover their dreams and connect with the communities in which they live. We offer services that are individually built to meet the diverse needs of each person. Support in employment, volunteerism, recreation, and finding desired living arrangements is offered to each individual from a combination of programs provided by Winnifred Stewart Association, including Community PathwaysDay Services, and Residential Services. To learn more about our services, please contact us.

Mindful Hearts: For individuals with Alzheimer's and chronic dementia

In 2011, the Winnifred Stewart Association saw a support gap in the care provided to their aging clientele, specifically those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Over the past four years, the Winnifred Stewart Association has been diligently working towards a model of care that fills that support gap. Using a number of resources and best practices from around the world, the Winnifred Stewart Association has developed Mindful Hearts, a Winnifred Stewart Approach.

Please visit for more information or click here to view or Mindful Hearts Brochure.