Course Description:

This training program is intended for caregivers and agency employees that provide support to individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, or another form of chronic dementia. Using training resources from around the world, Mindful Hearts is comprised of a number of techniques and care objectives to help caregivers serve their clientele. Throughout the two-day course, participants will learn more about Alzheimer’s and other dementias, what the symptoms and stages are, and about Alzheimer’s perceptions. Caregivers will also learn more about how to prevent caregiver burn out, care partner versus care giver, and will review how to apply these new skills to their daily work.

Course/ Learning Objectives:

At the end of the two-day training, caregivers will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand key terms, concepts, and perceptions of dementia

  • Explain dementia basics, including how to support and communicate with individuals with dementia

  • Explain which support techniques are required in each stage of Alzheimer’s (visual monitoring, verbal prompts, cues, hand-over-hand, and hand-under-hand)

  • Analyze and evaluate real-world and hypothetical examples or caregiving decisions that could be applied in daily work situations

Course Format:

The course will incorporate both lectures and discussions. Lectures will reinforce and expand upon the material found in the presentation, in the discussions, and in the practical work. Discussions are designed to encourage active learning and situation sharing to bring new and different perspectives to the course material. Classes are limited to 16 participants per training session to make the learning experience more fulfilling and to keep everyone involved.


Successful completion of the Mindful Hearts Training Program and competency test will leave caregivers with:

Certification in Mindful Hearts, a Winnifred Stewart Approach

If you are interested in registering for the Mindful Hearts, a Winnifred Stewart Approach training, please contact:

Jennalee Ritter