Winnifred Stewart Association

Winnifred Stewart Association is dedicated to connecting individuals and their communities. We believe in empowering people and inspiring dreams. Through a variety of programs, individuals can focus on discovering their own desired adventures, and through stories, reflect on the milestones they achieve.

Customized support offered through Winnifred Stewart Association's various community and facility-based programs assist individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives and become integral members of their communities. These programs include, Day Services (recreational and leisure options, employment or volunteer support), Residential Services (variety of residential options) and Community Pathways (individualized employment, volunteering, and recreational options). 

We welcome donations from the community at large, as donations make up a significant portion of our programs and services budget. Donations support the areas currently with the greatest need. All contributions are appreciated.

Winnifred Stewart Association is also dedicated to changing public perspectives through the work of the Winnifred Stewart Foundation. As the fundraising arm of the Winnifred Stewart Association (WSA), the Winnifred Stewart Foundation oversees all fundraising activities in support of Winnifred Stewart Association's programs and services. Fundraising programs, including Empties to WINN and Green Goods, create opportunities to increase public awareness.