We’re Moving Out, and the Contractors are Moving In…


We are finally ready and very excited to turn over the current lunchroom and Kitchen at the Main Building to BGIS the project managers for our Kitchen Reno. The official turnover occurs Tuesday July 2, 2019.

Day Program participants and staff and BGIS have been busy preparing and moving into room 115 at the main bldg. which will serve as our new lunchroom while we are under construction. 

Once the renovation is complete we will welcome all to stop by and see the new commercial kitchen space and return our lunchroom back into a lunch area.

We look forward to keeping you updated through our website on the progress of this reno.

If you have any questions please reach out to Candace Smallwood  at 780 453 6707 or CandaceS@wsaf.ca and we would be happy to share more information with you about this exciting project or anything related to this renovation and development .

Thank you to the Alberta Government, Community Facilities Enhancement (CFEP) Grant for funding to help support this project!