It's Official!

In March of 2019, WSF received grant funding from the Community Facilities Enhancement Program (CFEP), through Alberta Culture & Tourism.

The estimated total cost of the project is $395,000. Funding of $155,000 was received from the CFEP grant, with the remainder of the cost being covered through donated work (gift-in-kind) from contractors, as well as fundraising through the Winnifred Stewart Foundation.


Our goal is to offer a fully functional and accessible industrial kitchen space within our building for the use of people who receive support from WSA as well as the local community at large.

Objectives of the Project

1. Renovate the current kitchen space by refinishing flooring, walls and ceiling, replacing existing cabinetry and cooking appliances.

2. Host and arrange sponsorship for a Community Kitchen program offered to the local community

3. Offer the kitchen space to the general public for rental for events

Scope of Work to be Completed:

· Recommission and certify the hood range and fire suppression system

· Install new electric kitchen equipment (6 burner range, 2 double stack convection ovens, stockpot induction burner, and griddle)

· Replace all existing cabinetry, including stainless steel counter tops

· Working within current plumbing infrastructure – add additional sink and commercial dishwasher

· Refinish epoxy flooring

· Patch and repaint ceiling and walls

· Increase power capacity within the space by adding an additional electrical panel (coring through floor to mechanical room)

· Add additional electrical outlets

· Testing and abatement of hazardous materials


The project is expected to start In July 2019 and should be complete by January 2020

Proposed New Floor Plan