Residential Services

Winnifred Stewart Residential Services

A home defines part of who we are, and the Residential Services at Winnifred Stewart Association helped to transform a giant life stepping stone into a possibility for many individuals. In our quest to empower people and inspire dreams, Winnifred Stewart Association offers various types of living arrangements to support individuals with all levels of disabilities and varying preferences. We encourage individuals to choose a living arrangement that is fitting to them.

In our residences, individuals live semi-independently, pursuing activities and employment or volunteer opportunities during the day, and receive evening and overnight support. Two of our homes are devoted to providing services to aging individuals who require increasing support.

For individuals looking for more independence, our Outreach residential program provides assistance with daily living skills, including banking, grocery shopping, cooking, and community involvement, or any other type of support that may be requested. The Outreach program supports individuals in their own home whether they live on their own or with a roommate.

Our latest residential endeavour, Joey's Home(photo above), was completed in 2007 and offers options for both assisted living and independent living in one complex.

Finding a home means finding a community where we belong, discovering friendships and developing meaningful relationships. Individuals of Winnifred Stewart Association and their families find their meaning of home through our Residential Services.

For more information on Residential Services, contact 780-453-6707 or email us.