Day Services

Winnifred Stewart Day Services

Winnifred Stewart's Day Services program encourages individuals to discover and pursue activities that are meaningful to them. A fundamental part of Winnifred Stewart Association, Day Services is a community based program where individuals are supported to pursue their employment, volunteer or recreational interests on a full or part-time basis.

Through the Day Services and Community Pathways programs, individuals are supported to find meaningful and rewarding employment and/or volunteer positions. WSA staff assist people to create resumes and prepare for job interviews, as well as providing support at their place of work/ volunteer site if necessary.  

Based on their interests, people receiving service from the Day Services program take part in music therapy, reading clubs, baking, cooking classes, scrap-booking, arts and crafts, computers, and various modes of physical activity, including learning yoga, all within their local community.

Through the assistance of Day Services, individuals take full advantage of events in the Edmonton area, including festivals, trade-shows, sporting events, arts and crafts classes and shows, gymnastics, museums,  and much more.

The Day Services team continues to play an important role in discovering interesting opportunities and unique experiences that enable participants to discover or match their talents, interests, hobbies, and their ideal places to participate in the community.

For more information on Day Services, contact 780-453-6707 or email us.