Community Pathways

Winnifred Stewart community pathways

Person-Centered Planning is a self-determining, empowering resource for the individuals supported by Winnifred Stewart Association. It is a life planning model that brings together the friends and family of individuals and the staff at Winnifred Stewart to help individuals discover their dreams and make plans to achieve them. Person-Centered Planning is also an integral component of Community Pathways. We believe every individual has the ability and the right to be part of the community in which they live, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have access to opportunity.

Community Pathways provides individualized, community-based services that facilitate opportunities for individuals to have the following:

  • Full lives as integral, respected members living, and participating in the communities of their choice, based on their hopes, gifts, skills, and interests.

  • Rich relationships with friends and family.

  • Choices in how they live their lives and where they live.

  • Meaningful employment, volunteering or socially inclusive leisure opportunities.

It is based on the belief that the individual's dream is the driving force in her life and that her circle of committed family, friends, community members, and support staff will help her to fulfill this dream.

In addition, Community Pathways facilitates a self-advocacy movement, providing individuals with the confidence and tools they need in order to give their collective group a strong voice as they develop their own abilities and fulfill their individual dreams.

For more information on Community Pathways, contact 780-453-6707 or email us.